The old model that took us back to old school flip phones and the slowest texting times is apparently ready to make a comeback. This time Motorola is introducing the RAZR as a fully revamped folding LCD screen. 

The once key player in the flip phone market is undoubtedly set to compete with todays giants.  After struggling to keep up with the shifting market, the company was sold to Google in 2011. Not long after, the company fell into the ownership of Lenovo in 2014.

Despite having lost in the era of the touchscreen smartphone era, Motorola is motivated into pushing its newest model at a price tag listed at $1,500. 

But the question remains uncertain, can an old model compete in a market ruled by Apple and Samsung

As most of us know, Motorola's downfall came shortly after the rise of Apple's threw the famous keyboard out of the equation with its first iPhone model .  With more companies like Samsung adapting to the changing touchscreen market, Motorola and Blackberry phones were ditched for newer and more popular models. 

Some of us even remember the old drawer of old phones in our homes with RAZRs and SideKicks; we ditched these phones for a piece of the future. 

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