In the midst of some of Alan King's craziest designs up to date, like the Dallas and the Patchwork Jeans,  we sat down with Alan to talk about one of the jeans that sparked his leap into innovative denim designs. 

The Jameson is a continuation of Alan's raw denim collection, it follows the J-Shape blue print that makes his denim stack and crease at the legs.  But what'll set this denim aside from the rest is the selvedge tape that runs down the leg of the jean.  

It's bold and a statement piece at the same time, just not in the loud fashion that other pieces in our collection do.  The Jameson was made for the denim enthusiast that wants to start a conversation through fashion and design.  It's a conversation without having to say a word. 


We asked inquired with Alan about his purpose for the selvedge detailing, to which he responded, "I wanted to maintain the nature of the a selvedge denim, but at the same time introduce a raw denim to the equation.  After numerous attempts, we created the perfect combination to present the selvedge seam on the outside of a raw denim." 

We spoke about the factors that stood in the way of creating this specific style, some of those which included the amount of material wasted in the process of having the seam on the outside of the jean.  Something that Alan solved by creating a denim selvedge tape hybrid and binding them together with the Raw Denim. 

"We used every piece of our hybrid selvedge tape and put it to great use; by adding small details to the pockets and on the belt loops, we made sure the Jameson stood out in its own way..." 

If you're looking for any styling tips for the Jameson denim, Alan recommends you go with some high top leather boots like the Saint Laurent Wyatt harness boots, like the ones shown above.

The Jameson will sit perfectly on the slimness of a Saint Laurent Wyatt silhouette. 

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