Cargo pants come in distinct variations and some of them include; baggy, work wear, and slim fitted. They aren’t something new, as the origins of cargo pants take us back to World War II when carrying loads of equipment for day trips proved useful in large side pockets at the knee.
 The evolution of the cargo pants, has changed ever since and new silhouettes have emerged re-imagining the silhouette and its new functionalities.
AKINGSNY dedicates their efforts to creating and introducing modern variations of classic clothing pieces, such is the case with the KYLE cargo pants. The Kyle features the classic AKINGSNY J-shaped curved and it cut serves the purpose of accentuating and maximizing the stacks of the denim. The denim is a versatile piece in anyones wardrobe as it fits any color scheme and style. Most importantly, the stretch fabric allows for maximum comfort and utility of these cargo pants. After all, what use would it be if cargo pants didn't live up to its functionality?
Styling Tips
For an even more accentuated look of the stacks, high tops are the way to go. A pair of Rick Owens Canvas Hi-tops, Guidi lace up boots, or some Saint Laurent Wyatt 40 Harness Boots will do you right.
As far as tops go, you can literally go with almost anything. From your standard looks with hoodies and long coats, plain white tees, and denim jackets, to far sophisticated looks with leather jackets and dark knit sweaters.