You can't go wrong with some military styled boots or even some black combat boots.  There's a level of comfort and versatility in style that most brands can't seem to grasp.  Sure you can always wear a Timberland or even Dr. Marten's boot for the sake of saving some cash.  However, we're not talking about being cheap or even saving money, we're talking investment; what boot is going to be the Swiss army knife to your styling endeavors?  

After some long and thorough research, I've narrowed the search to one brand of boots that caught my attention for both the quality and silhouette.  In my honest opinion the boots that Ann Demeulemeester puts out on the market, are among the best for styling high end outfits.

 Suede boots are among my favorites when it coms to styling some black slim tapered denim.  The narrow ankle works well with the slim silhouette of most black denim. Some boots will have a bulky or chunky top and it just makes  your legs look larger than they should be.  Suede is also a very lux texture and works with most dark colored jeans. 

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Black boots are a must in every wardrobe. Stylish or not, black boots are essential to most and maybe even all wardrobes.  They work with all colors and textures, so you don't have to worry about an outfit not matching your boots.  Ann Demeulemeester's black boots are a staple for their radical designs with a contemporary punk look to them.  Style them with a peacoat or a black leather jacket for a complete look.

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Some boots from Ann D. take on different textures, such as pony hair.  The boot is is smooth and gives a slight shine from the thick pony hair.  It's a very different approach to most boots on the market, but can work well if you're down to try something different in your shoe rotation. It might not give off that boot look most of us look for and might appear like a hightop sneaker instead, but I assure you it fits and feels like a boot. The high top silhouette makes sure that the your stacks stay well structured.  

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