Troy Daniels NBA tunnel fit in Omari waxed jeans



Scores and techniques are important in how we regard NBA players, but we now also pay special attention to their iconic NBA tunnel looks. It is all about the tunnel entrance and the arrival shot. This started with famous NBA stars such as Wade and Lebron James. They revolutionized the arena walk-in into a live broadcast to showcase their NBA tunnel looks and just like Tyrod Taylor said, the best place to show your own sense of fashion is in the pre-game. Here are 3 of our favorite NBA tunnel looks:

Jordan Clarkson in Kilt

In the first official 2021 NBA fit, Jordan Clarkson stepped out in a revolutionary look that had everyone talking. Clarkson wore a beautiful black Sacai bomber jacket with a Fear of God kilt and a pair of yellow and black Nike dunks.

When he was interviewed what the kilt was for, Jordan Clarkson answered without hesitation that it was for, “Swag baby!”.

It is important to know that he has been known for being one of the league’s major fashion risk-takers and nobody will be able to stop him as he continues to lead the NBA tunnel looks.

Jordan Clarkson NBA tunnel fit in kilt

Troy Daniels in Omari

Troy Daniels brings back the return of bold and loud colors with a bright pink long coat that is paired with edgy waxed jeans from AKINGS. The AKINGS Lafayette Velour Hoodie peeps out from his statement coat and adds another layer of luxury to his clean and original outfit. 

Troy Daniels NBA tunnel fit in Omari waxed denim jeans

LeBron James in Chicago

Thousands of fans are continually amazed by Lebron’s pre-game NBA tunnel looks. He usually comes with his Supreme Nike Air Force 1s matched with his white Garcons shirt.

One of the more iconic ones is when he went against the Sacramento Kings - Lebron James showed up wearing a brown hoodie set  paired with burgundy socks. He went bold and lacked up with one of the recent Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 shoes. He finished the NBA tunnel look with his own pair of Hermes camp, which completed his fall NBA fit.

Lebron James NBA tunnel fit

Where did NBA tunnel looks come from?

It’s important to note that basketball fashion fandom is not something new to the industry. Initially a basketball player’s goal is just to get into the NBA. They have to train hard and practice more. However, once they step foot inside that territory, they have to stand out and one of the most impactful ways to do it was through fashion. 

The anticipation of NBA tunnel looks came from social media. Athletes now work with numerous designer people and brands and have their own set of stylists and designers, working closely to create the next big trend. 

During the start of a new season, it’s especially important for these athletes to take extra care with their fits as more exposure through their tunnel looks can overall lead to more exposure for the player.


Now, we look to our famous sports athletes for style inspiration, especially in their pre-game tunnel walks. Lots of NBA players are dripped out and challenging trends and exploring different brands and styles of clothing as a means of expression. It’s definitely worth keeping eyes on NBA tunnel fits to see what’s trending and to find outfit inspiration. 

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