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Kyle Ultraviolet

4 Men's Denim Trends for Spring 2021

4 Men's Denim Trends for Spring 2021

Looking for some fresh denim inspiration? You might already have the perfect pair of jeans in your closet already but if you're looking to mix it up and add some fresh styles to your spring wardrobe, these are the hottest denim trends that you're soon about to see everywhere. Be a pioneer of these trends and shop before everyone else does.


This trend has been on the rise for a couple of years but this spring, stacked jeans will be more popular than ever. It's a unique cut that allows 5 ft girls to rock the same jeans as 7 ft NBA players. Bring on the stacks!

lil baby in howard black stacked denim jeans

AKINGS Howard Jeans (as seen on Lil Baby), $240


Into leather or faux leather jeans? You're in luck, because waxed jeans have that luxury leather look without the luxury price tag. Look like a rockstar and feel like A KING.

lil nas x in waxed black stacked denim jeans

AKINGS Omari White Stitch (as seen on Lil Nas X), $450

Omari waxed leather pants 

AKINGS Omari Jeans, $300


Who says you can't be comfortable and still look fly? Stretch jeans are without a doubt going to be a forever staple in your closet. Whether you're working from home or on the move, you're going to find that stretch denim will always be a reliable fit. They're so comfortable you could sleep in them. 

Kyle Blue Cargo Wash denim

AKINGS Kyle Blue, $240


This spring is going to be all about bold colors and fun prints and the mix of both. With colored jeans, it's a guarantee that you'll stand out in any crowd. Colored jeans are a great way to express yourself and give a little personality to your wardrobe. 

lil nas x in kyle ultraviolet, colored stacked denim jean

AKINGS Kyle Ultraviolet Jeans (as seen on Lil Nas X), $450

comethezine in orange stacked denim jeans, colored jeans

AKINGS Kyle Orange Cargos (as seen on Comethezine), $300

Are you ready for Spring 2021?

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