Hey AKINGS Family,

Our hearts are heavy as we process what has happened to George Floyd and thousands of others who are a part of the Black community. This family is founded on the support we have received from each and every single one of you and we would not be where we are today without the members of the Black community who have stood with us. Many of our dearest friends and colleagues are deeply affected by social injustices and we want to take a moment to speak up and express our solidarity. 

As a brand, we have been built with the help of team members who were subject to racial injustices throughout their whole lives. Members of the black community who have supported us - photographers like Nicholas Wilkes, stylists like Dan P Lee and Vic Allen Jr, artists like Lil Baby, Tyga and Wale, to customers like yourself - are part of the AKINGS family and it deeply saddens us to see the injustices that George Floyd and countless other Black people have faced because it could have been any of our friends or family.

During adverse times like the ones we are dealing with right now, we strongly believe that communities are made to stand together and build each other up. As fellow POC, we cannot pretend to fully understand how it is like to be Black in America as we are not black, but we can still imagine a fraction of the oppression Black people have been facing for centuries and now is the time for change. 

In the past, AKINGS has taken many efforts to stand beside the Black community by hiring POC, supporting black-owned businesses, and condemning acts of racism. These actions are small but we are going to keep continuing to take another step towards doing better and being better. We have also launched an "ANTI RACIST" Tee shirt with profits going towards nonprofit organization NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). NAACP's goals is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race. The "ANTI RACIST" Tee shirt is available now online here.

Our values are based on being a force for the greater good. Thank you to every member of the Black community who has stood by us - it is now our turn to stand with our fellow Black brothers and sisters. Now more than ever, we as Asian Americans and other POC have to use our privilege and voice to fight with the Black community in demanding justice and change. AKINGS is a family of warriors - we are resilient when we stand in together and will not give up until the fight for racial justice has been won.

Never bet against humanity.


Alan King, Founder


  • Wow I love the message ;-) As a gay man I stand with you….. #ALLBLACKLIVESMATTER

    Buzz Eaton on

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