Founded by Alan King in 2015 , Alan left the life of being a college student and corporate America to begin his endless pursuit of perfecting his passion of delivering high quality clothing with a story, which led to his now signature Akings (J-Shape) denim, which exploded with a viral frenzy on reddit at its launch. The denim and other delicately crafted pieces ranging from tops and bottoms to bags and accessories have been featured in media mammoths such as British GQ, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post and featured on iconic artists Steve Aoki, Prince Royce and many more.  


As Akings continue its rapid rise, the brand continues to  collaborate and align with the Top up & coming creatives and partners that believe in the strong core value and message that got them here today: passion, integrity, and to be great and shoot for the stars. 

"Our style can best be described as a modern detail-orientated ninja. Each piece crafted for you to feel like royalty. We believe in crafting and making things happen because we can. I felt there was a gap between what I wanted to wear and what I was actually seeing in the market. As we began to make more bodies of work more and more people were asking me just off the street. That same year I challenged myself to make denim someone found my samples and posted them on reddit, these like minded people who rallied to support my designs were the beginning of fostering the community we are and still grow today." - Alan King, Founder



248 W 35th St, NY, NY 10001