Akings exists for those who a consistently design towards "A cut above the rest." Our boundary-pushing experimentation in cut, weight and detail give each garment a unique character and voice. 


Since its founding by Alan King in 2015, the brand has grown exponentially. Alan pushed his personal boundaries, disregarding the typical path of going to college and getting a corporate job to instead pursue his passion for delivering high quality clothing with a story, eventually leading to his now signature Akings (J-Shape) denim, which exploded with a viral frenzy on reddit early on. The denim and other delicately crafted pieces, ranging from tops and bottoms to bags and accessories, have been featured in media outlets such as British GQ, Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post and on iconic artists Steve Aoki, Tyga, Prince Royce and many more. 


As Akings continue its rapid rise, the brand continues to collaborate and align with the top up & coming creatives and partners that believe in the strong core values that got the brand here today: passion, integrity, and relentless hustle.