AKINGS First Aid Terms & Conditions

Alan King LLC based in New York will be doing due diligence on each request coming in from medical professionals who are seeking asistance. An active contact and work schedule will be required for healthcare professionals to receive mask donations. However in this time of need we are processing as many applications as possible and we are not medical professionals will not be responsible for issues such as but not limited to: the purchase of supplies that end up to be faulty on suppliers behalf, the hospital or family office not accepting the donation. 

It is important to know the prices we are buying the surgical masks can change at any moment. We have noticed a 100% increase in cost from our suppliers already and currently purchase our mask with the average price / unit being $0.65-$0.85. They are medically certified CE / FDA to the best of our knowledge and we have done due the best we can in crisis for due diligence in confirming this paperwork The reason the mask price $1 is because of our Shopify processing fees as well as to leave room in case the purchase price of a mask may jump to $0.9-$1 in unit price. (Which we do see happening already.) 

Regarding Shipping Fees

All donors are required to pay the shipping & handling fees related to their shipment. We are responsible for the goods only. We are able to do this initiative because essential workforce employees and team members have been so gracious to still be working during this time of crisis. We must pay our team. We apologize If this may seem unreasonable. 

We are purchasing goods at the market price of today and should the price fluctuate it is out of our control on the amount of masks or supplies actually donated. For an example if we masks prices doubled we are not responsible of matching quantity of the order. We will be matching up to the first 5 masks purchased that are being shipped to you. For an example if you were to 20 masks you can request to receive 5 and we donate the other 15 on top of up to an additional 5 that we are matching in donation along side of you. Without a note on the order we will ship you the 20 and donate up to 5 masks on your behalf to a health care professional. A minimum of 1 mask will be donated with every order. 

Donations to small practices, clinics, individual health care workers are our current top priority. However essential workers will also be considered in this donation process and you can reach us at any time with more questions at info@akingsny.com with the subject line: AK FIRST AID