Black Kyle cargo pants



We all have moments in which we think back at what we wore maybe 2-3 years ago. A lot of people felt this way with the cargo pants trend. You had a really baggy fitted pant with equally enormous pockets for storing things you can’t even remember. They even had cargo shorts at one point too. a. But like most fashion trends, they’re bound to make a comeback and it’s not hard to see why.

There’s a new market of people that appreciate the use for tactical pockets on a cargo denim. Whether you’re a photographer looking to store extra equipment on set without having an oversized bag  or the everyday city adventurer looking for functionality in clothing, you’ll find slim fitted cargos an essential in your day to day outfits. 


Because cargos the cargo borrows some influences from military wear, you’ll find that  various extra storage pockets attached to the side—are purely rooted in functionality, modern takes on the pant have proven that it can be recreated both as an homage to the pant’s original use., Nowadays, it isn’t surprising to see a shift in the cargo’s silhouette into a the sleek and discrete staple pant that some brands like AKINGS and G-Star Raw have developed into their collections. Take the Kyle Cargo from AKINGS as an example, it’s front pockets each have an additional twin pocket, making it easier to store extra cash or even just keep your airpods at hand at all times. And with the increased popularity in techwear and mountaineering, more and more people are looking for functionality beyond the looks. 


Cargo pants have always had the reputation of being incredibly durable. This is why they are often used for outdoor activities such as mountaineering and hiking. Some of the most notable outdoor brands like Arc'teryx know that durability in their cargos cannot be compromised and have used some of the most innovative technology to ensure their cargos last for years to come.  If you participate in  rough outdoor jobs or activities, you know just how important it is for your gear to be reliable enough to take a beating and a lot of wear. These pants will have to take a lot to break, and they’ll need to be constructed with the most durable, yet lightest materials. 


If you’re in the market for a functional cargo that you can wear day and day out without having to worry about durability, chances are, you want this cargo to be as comfortable as possible. While the slim fitted cargo has taken popularity within the last few years with brand’s like Acronym have taken comfort to the next level. Often taking moisture wicking and light shell materials, the Munich-based brand fuses style and technology together in an effort to make some of the most comfortable and functional cargos. 

Easy to style

Regardless of which route you end up in, cargo pants are a great choice if you’re constantly looking for reliable pants that serve a bigger purpose aside from making you good. . With  different colors to choose from such as kyle blue and kyle orange your options are open to deciding which pair of cargos you’ll take on your next adventure.

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