Poll Workers wear protective Equipment while assisting voters Wednesday at an early voting station in Nashville, Tenn. Photo: Brett Carlsen / Getty Images

Covid-19 Cases Are Rising in More Than 40 States

The spread of the coronavirus appeared to be accelerating this week in the U.S. with a key indicator in 44 of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. flashing an “ominous” warning sign Tuesday, a health official said.

The seven-day average of reported cases was higher than the 14-day average in all but six states, the most to record such levels since July, and a sign cases are rising.

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python mask preview


We take you behind the scenes inside our leather sample room to see the process of making our leather and vegan leather face masks. 

These masks are carefully crafted in the heart of the New York garment district to support local manufacturing and small business during these times. These businesses have been hit especially hard due to COVID19 and many of them are struggling to keep open. We are releasing a portion of our new pieces in partnership with many local manufactures in an effort to help. 

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Map of required states: https://www.datawrapper.de/_/KU976/

What U.S. States Require Masks In Public?

There aren’t any resources on the internet that display which U.S. States have mandatory mask laws and because masks are one of the most effective ways to stop COVID-19 spread, we decided to build this!

Mandatory mask laws can mean many different things, sometimes it’s only on public transport, sometimes only in essential businesses, and sometimes everywhere in public.

You can filter, sort, search, and download the data below. There are also sources linked to every piece of data. Also, here is another helpful list: Countries with mandatory mask laws.

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