Map of required states:

What U.S. States Require Masks In Public?

There aren’t any resources on the internet that display which U.S. States have mandatory mask laws and because masks are one of the most effective ways to stop COVID-19 spread, we decided to build this!

Mandatory mask laws can mean many different things, sometimes it’s only on public transport, sometimes only in essential businesses, and sometimes everywhere in public.

You can filter, sort, search, and download the data below. There are also sources linked to every piece of data. Also, here is another helpful list: Countries with mandatory mask laws.

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First Aid Face Mask- What you should know

First Aid Face Mask- What you should know

We have switched to made to order, why?

NO HOARDING -  If we had extra stock sitting around it would be better to donate them to a hospital. 


-Non-woven melt blast proof lining 

-Metal wire nose bridge for form fitting

-95% Particle Protection 

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